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HELLO 2018!

Updated: Jan 3, 2018

I have a very good feeling about 2018. There is something about this year that feels different than previous years. Not only am I excited to start the new year, I am so eager to start the million of projects that are scheduled for this year. Do you want to know what makes this year different from previous years? For starters, I quit my "corporate" job a month ago which means that I am dedicating this whole year to do the things I am most passionate about. Leaving my job means that I (the primary bread winner) have no income coming in and this will require that we get creative on how to live within a very humble budget (call me crazy but I'm very excited about this). Having no income also means that I will have to hustle and find ways to create some income by doing the things I love the most.

So I am here to tell you that I am focusing 100% of my time on my interior design business. This is something that started back in the spring of 2014 as a passion project. Actually scratch that, it started back in 2004 the day Tony asked for my phone number. That same day he called me and we spoke for an hour, sharing a bit about who we were and what our interests were in life. Tony, who was in the US Coast Guard, told me he daydreamed of becoming an interior designer after he retired. I, a young 20 year old responded "Hum...that's interesting." This did not come into play until a year later when he purchased a fixer-upper and together we transformed it into an inviting and cozy home. We learned how to build walls, lay tile, install cabinets, etc... When it was time to furnish it, Tony taught me a few tips he had learned over the years (such as using a color palette). Little did he know that his apprentice would soon surpass him! While working on our first home I discovered that I had an aptitude for anything revolving interiors, especially spatial awareness and maximization.

Throughout the years I continue dabbling in interior decorating by helping friends transform their spaces within a very small budget. In 2011 we even remodeled my mother's kitchen; I (pregnant with my first) designed the layout and Tony and my siblings did all the work. I continued dabbling in this until 2014 when a dear friend encouraged me to do a passion project in interior design that kick-started my (small) side business as an interior designer. Finally, after many months of working two jobs, I decided to quit my very successful job in healthcare and pursue this passion that has been lingering in the background for the last 12 years.

What's exciting is that Tony, who is always dragged into all my projects as free labor (hey, it's not my fault he is so handy!), has agreed to become my business partner and together we will launch Avila Winters Design and Co. So welcome 2018 and welcome Avila Winters Design & Co! We are so excited you are finally here!



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