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Select one, two, or all!


Having trouble decorating? That might be because you’re not sure what your style is or how to find the right pieces. Karla will assist you by discussing details about the room and will review your budget, your likes and dislikes, and any inspiration photos that catch your eye. The end result is to create a cohesive look that makes you want to scream "yes please!"


In addition to assessing your style, Karla can also assist with planning the layout of a space. Space planning is the key to a beautiful yet functional space and the goal is to ensure an easy and comfortable flow. Is your space too small? Is your space too big? Is your space to awkward? There is no such thing as a bad question with this service! 


Still can't visualize your style and space? Use Karla's creative talent to design the look for your space. This offering comes with a tool kit that includes one Color Reference Board, one Vision Board featuring all of the furniture, accessories, and fabrics that have been handpicked for your space and one Design Plan to help reference furniture and accessory locations. This will literally be tied with a bow!


Don't know where to buy the furniture and accessories to complete your space? Let Karla source the best options for your space and budget. This services is critical to the success of your space as making the wrong selection will not only break your style, it will also break your budget! 


I have to buy how many items? Oh my! The task of purchasing every single item needed to complete your space is a daunting one. Let Karla manage all your on-line and in-store purchases. She will ensure to get the best deals possible because after all, she gets lots of satisfaction from stretching that dollar! 


We all know how exhausting and frustrating it is to build that ikea armoire or hang that picture frame at the right wall height. Allow Karla to assist by installing and setting up all furniture and decor pieces. Now this service is truly worth every penny! Picture this: you get to go out and relax with friends, a few hours later you come back and BOOM! Your space is complete and ready for hosting! Karla calls this "The Great Reveal!"


Can we say #organziationgoals? In reality, clutter is not healthy! No space is ever complete or functional without an organization plan. Allow Karla to assess your organization pain points and provide you tips and tricks to get organized. As she organizes your space, she will coach you through the process of decluttering. 


We do not have to meet in person to connect. After all, it is the 21st century! Your location should not stop you from getting the help you need. Many of these services can be offered via skype, facetime, email, etc. 


I want my dinner to be Pinterest worthy! Hire Karla for large or small events, even dinner parties. She will use her styling skills to make that moment an unforgettable one! All you have to do is show up and snap a picture!


Honey,  this empty house will not sell itself! Allow Karla to create an amazing space that motivate sales. Whether your property is an empty shell requiring complete floor to ceiling furnishings, or one that simply requires editing and enhancement, Karla has the tools to help. Only need staging advice? Yup, she offers that too!

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